Welcome to The Low-FODMAP Life!

Welcome to my new blog, The Low-FODMAP Life!

I’ve been on the low-FODMAP journey for a while now, and I thought it might be helpful for both me and others to create a resource for other folks who suffer from IBS are doing the same. It seemed like a drastic lifestyle change at first, but as I learned more it got easier and easier, and I feel that I have a lot of accumulated knowledge, tips and recipes to share.

On The Low-FODMAP Life you’ll find weekly recipes, featuring both dishes that are naturally low in FODMAPs and what I call “low-FODMAP translations,” of recipes that would otherwise be problematic, which substitute high-FODMAP ingredients with others that are less likely to cause you problems—and which are no less delicious. I’ll also be sharing lots of other knowledge I’ve gained while avoiding FODMAPs, tricks for making an easier transition, and links to the latest research and other sites and posts I’ve found useful.

For basic info about the low-FODMAP diet, check out my FODMAP Questions and Answers page, and to learn a little bit more about me, check out the My Story page. In brief, I’m a writer and foodie who was initially daunted by the prospect of such a big lifestyle change but soon found it wasn’t as hard as it looks and that I was feeling much better, both physically and just in my outlook in general. I am, it should be said, not a doctor or dietician, and any advice on this site is my own opinion and based on my own experiences. I do recommend everyone embarking on this journey first see a qualified physician to rule out more serious issues and to make sure this path is right for them.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, either in the comments below or via email.

Happy eating!

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