Rice milk: not nice milk?

Us low-FODMAP-living lovers of milk products can’t catch a break. We can’t drink regular cow milk (unless it’s lactose-free). Soy milk is a no go (unless it’s specifically made from soy protein, not soy beans, which is harder to find). Almonds are no good, so we stay away from almond milk. Rice, at least, is easy for most of us to tolerate, so rice milk should be fine, right?


Not so fast. The good researchers at Monash (aka the people who discovered this whole FODMAP business in the first place) recently found that rice milk, even in small quantities, contains a high amount of oligo-saccharides and even some fructans as well. Therefore, it’s definitely not good for those on the low-FODMAP diet!

If you’re confused, don’t worry—the Monash folks are as well, and in this blog post they detail their findings and posit a hypothesis as to just how this came about. (They theorize it somehow takes place during the manufacturing process.) And they do warn that perhaps not all rice milks are troublesome—they didn’t test them all.

For now though, it might be best to stay away. Sorry cold cereal and milky coffee lovers—we’ll have to just keep looking for another substitute.